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  • Miller-Young, Janice; Yeo, Michelle; Manarin, Karen; Carey, Miriam; Zimmer, Jim (Jossey-Bass, 2016)
    This chapter briefly describes the SoTL research development program and context at Mount Royal University, reports initial results from a study of the program’s impact on participants’ teaching and scholarly activities, ...
  • Miller-Young, Janice (, 2016-08)
  • Rathburn, Melanie; Lexier, Roberta; Vespa, Andrew ( 2016-11-11)
    Community-service learning (CSL), which is grounded in John Dewey’s theory of learning through experience (1938), allows students the opportunity to participate in a service experience that is integrated within the curriculum, ...
  • Miller-Young, Janice; Boman, Jennifer (Jossey-Bass, 2017)
    This final chapter synthesizes the findings and implications derived from applying the Decoding the Disciplines model across disciplines and within communities of practice. We make practical suggestions for teachers and ...
  • Miller-Young, Janice; Boman, Jennifer (Jossey-Bass, 2017-06)
    This special issue demonstrates how “Decoding the Disciplines” not only provides a framework for inquiry into teaching and learning disciplinary concepts, but also holds much potential for bridging disciplinary thinking ...
  • Yeo, Michelle; Lafave, Mark; Westbrook, Khatija; McAllister, Jenelle; Valdez, Dennis; Eubank, Breda (Jossey-Bass, 2017-06)
    This chapter demonstrates how Decoding work can be productively utilized within a curriculum change process to help make design decisions based on a more nuanced understanding of student learning, and the relationship of ...
  • Pettit, Jennifer; Rathburn, Melanie; Calvert, Victoria; Lexier, Roberta; Underwood, Margot; Gleeson, Judy; Dean, Yasmin (Jossey-Bass, 2017-06)
    This chapter describes a multidisciplinary faculty self-study about reciprocity in service-learning. The study began with each co-author participating in a Decoding interview. We describe how Decoding combined with ...
  • MacDonald, Ron (Jossey-Bass, 2017-06)
    Deciphering teachers’ paths to their disciplinary professional identities can make important elements of their tacit knowledge explicit and available to their students.
  • Yeo, Michelle (Jossey-Bass, 2017-06)
    This chapter argues that expert practice is an inquiry which surfaces a hermeneutic relationship between theory, practice, and the world, with implications for new lines of questioning in the Decoding interview.
  • Currie, Genevieve (Jossey-Bass, 2017-06)
    This chapter describes how seven disciplinary bottlenecks from four diverse disciplines were analyzed using a phenomenological perspective and includes a discussion of embodied knowing and implications for educators.
  • Miller-Young, Janice; Boman, Jennifer (Jossey-Bass, 2017-06)
    This chapter presents the bottlenecks identified by seven faculty members from diverse disciplines, and an inductive content analysis of their Decoding interviews. Representative quotations illustrate themes in the interviews ...
  • Boman, Jennifer; Currie, Genevieve; MacDonald, Ron; Miller-Young, Janice; Yeo, Michelle; Zettel, Stephanie (Jossey-Bass., 2017-06)
    In this chapter we describe the “Decoding the Disciplines” Faculty Learning Community at Mount Royal University, and how Decoding has been used in new and multidisciplinary ways in the various teaching, curriculum and ...
  • Christiansen, Erik G.; McNally, Michael B. ( 2017-10-12)
    This paper examines the continuum from "closed" to "open" for both open educational resources (OER) and open courses. The primary focus is to evaluate what instructional choices are needed to increase the openness of courses ...
  • McCollum, Brett (ACCN (Canadian Chemical News), 2018-03)
  • McCollum, Brett (ACCN (Canadian Chemical News), 2018-05)
  • McCollum, Brett (ACCN (Canadian Chemical News), 2018-09)
  • McCollum, Brett (ACCN (Canadian Chemical News), 2018-12)

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